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How Big is a Bean Bag?

Below we give a brief overview on different sizes of bean bags and who they're most suitable for. Our new Bean Bag Size Guideis also available to simply help you choose the very best bean bag size to choose.
The size of beanbag you choose is dependent on who will soon be using it! Bean bags range from tiny baby bean bags, right through to double bean bags to talk about! Our kids bean bags are made for kids of average size aged 3-10 years old. They are designed specifically for kids to have the ability to sit to them comfortably comfortably and they're lightweight for kids to carry around with them. All bean bags have already been individually measured and these records is available in each product listing.If your kids are particularly tall or are on the cusp of the 9-11 year old age group, you may want to think about upgrading to an adult beanbag to get probably the most life out of a beanbag!Adult bean bags vary in proportions – smaller adult bean bags can be utilized for occasional seating so they're created for ‘perching'on rather than lounging around in. On the other hand, we've bean bags which contain around 20+ cubic feet of beans and bean bag furniture, including 6ft long sofas! When buying a bean bag, take into consideration the conclusion user of the beanbag and how they plan to use it – do you want to be spending hours watching TV, reading or playing game titles onto it? In which case we recommend the bigger the greater! Alternatively if you should be utilizing the bean bag as a bit of conventional furniture, you'll want to select something traditionally bean bag chair or sofa-shaped. Finally if you just want something as a spare chair or seat – for instance when you yourself have guests, you will most likely want something smaller and lightweight to take out just when you need it. Sizes of individual beanbags can be found in the merchandise listings.
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Bean Bags - Choosing Size, Weight

The favorite bean bag chairs have been with us for quite some time. Generally, the bean bag is a closed enclosure comprising of PVC pellets, polystyrene or dried beans. In 1968, an Italian company, Zanotta made the initial leather pear-shaped bean bags which were then called “sacco&rdquo ;.Acquiring a cult following from primarily youngsters because of their ease-of-use and versatility and affordability, the bean bag chairs are actually made of numerous outer layers ranging from fabric and leather to suede and fur. Some water-proof ones made from polyester can be used outdoors.Small bags are used by kids in different games involving catching and throwing at targets. The beans inside can affect the general comfort of the bean bag. There are companies that utilize (shredded) polyurethane foam which helps increase the “squishiness” of the bean bag, making it an excellent alternative to traditional chairs and sofas. These bean bags, however, cost more but continue to be comparatively cheaper to other furniture.More about the Beanbag BeadsNowadays the most used bean bag filling is performed with polystyrene beads. When steam is blown in to the sugar bead, it causes the bead to expand and become fluffy. The bead diameter generally varies between different manufacturers with the most common variety being in the number of 3 to 9 millimeters. There are smaller ones too, that range from 1 -3 millimeters. When used for some time, the beads tend to compress to their original size, and the fluffiness disappears. The bean bags are then refilled with new beans.Refills are cheap as the beads are very cheap to produce. You can even decide for recycled beads. Although they last a bit shorter, they are cheaper than virgin beads.For beanbag covers, there are plenty to select to your heart's content. Select one that matches together with your room's décor. And, a surface that offers you most comfort. Up and coming furniture companies have experimented with various kinds of bean bags, changing the outer materials in addition to the filling beads. Available available in the market today are providers from the overall forms of bean bags to luxury bean bag sofas that might easily take the place of high-end furniture, with costs visiting only a fraction. These are used primarily by expats planning to keep for a few years before moving back to their home countries.
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